My brother Mitch was the President of RIMMS (Rhode Island Military Minature Society). As a member of this society he was able to endulge in his hobby of painting figures. To support this hobby he became a dealer in miscellaneous military items like: minature figures, books, prints, uniforms, etc. He would attend figure and toy soldier shows around the Northeast where he would sell his wares and join the other exhibitors. As inventory grew it became clear that he needed help with his road trips. This is where I come in.

After a year of so of assisting him I decided to peddle some goods for myself while I was hanging around minding the booth. Having always had an interest in Napoleon I decided to specialize in that area. I applied for my Rhode Island Sales license in 1986 and Empire Books was born.

Ten years later my collection of books has grown from a handful to over 500. I have a variety of different subjects I've collected.


Have you ever wanted to own some real 1st Empire items? I have sometimes purchased authentic coins from my friend Tim Kirkpatrick's of Kirks's Coins. If you are interested drop me a line and I'll forward his email address.

The Real World

Though I have a lot of fun with this stuff and I have learned a lot it doesn't pay the bills. To earn a buck I work with computers, and I have done a lot of that. From a 2nd shift operator on an old IBM System 3, to a CICS Assembler Programmer at a nationwide insurance company, a MIS Project Leader for Sheraton hotels, a consultant/Basic programmer for a consulting firm, a MIS Manager at a manufacturing plant, and finally as an independant consultant working on PC's and Mac's. Twenty years in computers and I guess it is natural that I'd set up a web page to advertise my books.

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