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AGE OF NAPOLEON $8 HEROLD, J. Christopher 1963 HARPER & ROW, 453 pp., dj, index, Very Good. Book-of-the-month club ed. A complete biography and history of the Napoleonic era. #

AGE OF NAPOLEON, HORIZON BOOK OF THE $18 HEROLD, J. Christopher 1963 Horizon 420 pp., 9 1/2 x 12, ill almost every page, most in color, bibl, and index. Very Good. Complete text and magnificent illustrations make this an oustanding book. Note: Not to be confused with the smaller non-illustrated book of the same title above.

ANATOMY OF GLORY $95 LACHOUQUE, Cmdt Henry & BROWN, Anne S.K. 1961 Brown University Press 564 pp., 1st ed., dj, 173 plates many in color, 14 maps, notes and index, ex-lib, Good condition. This history of the Imperial Guard is the most sought after book in the plethora of Napoleonic studies.

ARMIES OF WELLINGTON $45 HAYTHORNTHWAITE, Philip J., 1994, Sterling NY, NOP, 317 pp., ill., dj, appendices, glossary, biblio, notes, index. Newest title from this well recognized author. This is the most comprehensive account ever published of the effect of Wellington on the British Army.

ART OF WAR $45 JOMINI, Baron Antoine, 1992 Greenhill London NOP, 416 pp. Over 150 years since its first publication. Jomini who served in both the French and Russian armies during the Napoleonic wars, makes many references to details of particular Napoleonic campaigns. His masterpiece has remained one of the fundamental sources of military thinking.

ATLAS TO ACCOMPANY NAPOLEON AS A GENERAL $185 ESPOSITO et al 1943 West Point NT 125 full or double page maps, blue cloth cover, GOOD. Minor wear to covers, pencil markingings on the first map only. Contents clean and in very good condition.

BERNADOTTE: NAPOLEON'S MARSHAL, SWEDEN'S KING $75 PALMER, Alan, 1990, 285 pp., dj., ill., notes, index. As New. Follow Bernadotte from his early battles, through the vicissitudes of his relationship with the Consul, Emperor and generalissimo, the battles of Austerlitz and Wagram, to Leipzig where, he fought against his old cheif.

BLUNDERING TO GLORY: NAPOLEON'S MILITARY CAMPAIGNS $32 CONNELLY, Owen, 1987, 250 pp., maps, index, mylar protective jacket over dj. Traces Napoleon's career from 1796 to 1815, demonstrating how often Napoleon was forced to scramble to victory.

BONAPARTE $125 Maudre, Jauques, 1975 Gautier-Languereau France 11.5 x 14", 90 pp., french text, rp., full page color plates by Job, Fine. Red silk decorative cover with minor wear. An excellent copy of a reprint of one of the Job illustrated books.

BONAPARTE IN EGYPT $25 HEROLD, Christopher, 1962, Harper & Row 424 pp., 1st ed., maps, dj, 25+ ill, glosary, biblio., index, Very Good. DJ protected in mylar cover, contents are in great condition. Drawn from offical documents, Arabic chronicles, memoirs and diaries of generals, officers, simple soldiers, artists, engineers, and physicians.

BONAPARTE IN EGYPT $15 HEROLD, Christopher, 1962, Harper & Row 424 pp., 1st ed., maps, dj, 25+ ill, glosary, biblio., index, Good+. Spine faded, dj has wear but contents are in good condition. Drawn from offical documents, Arabic chronicles, memoirs and diaries of generals, officers, simple soldiers, artists, engineers, and physicians.

BONAPARTES, THE $10 STACTON, David 1966 Simon & Schuster N.Y. 379 pp., 31 b&w portraits, Good+. Decorative gold stamped cover. Detailed account of family history including large family tree and index. #

BORODINO: NAPOLEON AGAINST RUSSIA 1812 $40 DUFFY, Christopher 1973 Charles Scribner's Sons N.Y.208 pp., dj., biblio., notes, ill., Appendix, Very Good. Dust jacket has some wear. One of the most sought after books on this cataclysmic event.

CHANDLER, David, 1966, MacMillan 1172pp., dj., hundreds of maps, ill, and photos. As New. A classic worth reading. Massive, monumental, engrossing, definitive. Judged to be the most complete contemporary study on the campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars.

CAMPAIGNS OF NAPOLEON, THE $50 CHANDLER, David, 1966, Weidenfeld & Nicolson UK 1172pp., hundreds of maps, ill, and photos. Fine except dust jacket beaten with many rips. A rare version of the above book.

CONGRESS OF VIENNA $15 NICOLSON, Harold 1946, 312pp, frontis, ill., appendix and index. This book covers the history from 1812 to 1815 with focus on the political negotiations of the Allies. #

CRISIS ON THE DANUBE NAPOLEON'S AUSTRIAN CAMPAIGN 1807 $60 ARNOLD, James R., 1990, 286 pp., 26 photos, 22 maps, biblio., index. This brilliant portrayal of an important turning point in European history highlights several newly interpreted military and diplomatic events. Limited availability. Hard to find.

DICTIONARY OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS $90 CHANDLER, David 1979, MacMillan. Near Fine. 1st edition.
DJ, maps, diagrams, chronology of events. The definitive reference to the military campaigns and soldiers of the Napoleonic era features more than 1200 informative entries.

DUKE, THE $12 GUEDALLA, Philip 1931 Harper & Brothers 523 pp., ill, maps, ex-lib, biblio., foot-notes, Index. Fair condition. Green cloth cover with some staining.

James, Brett-Anthony 1966, St. Martin NY, 312 pp., dj, ill., biblio., index, ex-lib, Very Good. A quality history of the campaign of 1812 drawing heavily on 1st hand accounts.

GENTLE BONAPARTE, THE $18 CONNELLY, Owen 1968 Macmillan 335 pp., 1st ed., dj, ill, maps, biblio, Index. Very Good. This book covers Joseph's entire life with particular concentration on the years 1808 to 1813, when he ruled in Spain. #

ILLUSTRATED NAPOLEON $20 CHANDLER, David 1990, Holt 9 x 11 3/4, 176 pp., 34 color plates, dj, biblio., index, maps by Baron Jomini. Fine. A compelling text enhanced with outstanding illustrations.

JOURNAL OF THE WATERLOO CAMPAIGN $30 MERCER, General Cavalie 1969 Praeger, 388 pp., dj, maps. Fine. These notes were written down each evening during the campaign, survived and are perhaps the best personal description of Waterloo to appear in English.

LEADERS IN THE FRENCH REVOLUTION $8 THOMPSON, J.M. 1967 Harper Colophon 272 pp., frontis & 10 portraits, index, Ex-lib, Fine.

$12 WHEELER 1952 Houghton Mifflin Boston 342 pp., index. Fair condition, spine faded. Few accounts of the battle of Waterloo neglect to draw on the letters of Private Wheeler. He presents colorful portraits of daily life as well as harrowing accounts of the combat tactics of the time. #

LIFE & TIMES OF NAPOLEON BONAPARTE $12 RIVOIRE, Mario 1967 CURTIS 9 x 11 1/2, 75 pp., ill every page, most in color, Fine. One of the finest illustrated books on the Napoleonic epoc.

MARSHAL NEY: THE ROMANCE AND THE REAL $55 HORRICKS, Raymond 1988, Anchor Brendon Ltd, London, 283 pp., ill., index. Fine. A full length biography and character study of Michel Ney.

MARSHAL NEY: THE ROMANCE AND THE REAL $45 HORRICKS, Raymond 1982, Midas. London, 283 pp., ill., index. Fine. As above no dj.

MURDER OF NAPOLEON, THE $12 WEIDER & HAPGOOD 1982 Robson Books London 266 pp., ill, dj, 1st ed. Index. Good Condition. An intriguing book that makes a strong case that Napoleon was poisoned. #

NAPOLEON $18 CHANDLER, David 1973 Saturday Review Press NY 224 pp., dj, 215 color and b&w illustrations, bibliography and index. Very Good. A lively narrative. #

NAPOLEON $16 BELLOC, Hilaire 1932 Halcyon House 379 pp., ill., maps, index, Fair, 2" tear on spine cover. While not a complete study I found his coverage of the early Italian Campaigns very enjoyable. #

NAPOLEON AND HIS PARENTS ON THE THRESHOLD OF HISTORY $8 CARRINGTON, Dorothy 1990 Dutton, 289 pp., dj, ill., biblio, notes, Index. Fine. Only slight wear to DJ.

NAPOLEON AND HIS WOMEN FRIENDS $18 ARETZ, G., 1927 J.B. Lippincott Co 375 pp., 1st ed., 16 ill., biblio., Good. Blue cover with gilt lettering, cover faded. Twenty one chapters cover all his loves and female acquaintances.

NAPOLEON AND THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO $7 WINWAR, Francis 1953 Random House 183 pp, dj, ill., index, Good Condition. Dj frayed. 'Young Readers' biography of Napoleon.

NAPOLEON IN CAPTIVITY $32 BALMAIN, Alexsander 1971, 220 pp., ill, index. Book is As New. No DJ but don't know if it originally had one. The Reports of Count Balmain, Russian Commissioner on the Island of St. Helena 1816-1820. Well translated. This book includes letters by Bertrand, Lowe, Las Cases, O'Meara, Montholon and Napoleon.

NAPOLEON IN ITALY 1796-1797 $28 ADLOW, Elijah 1948 William J. Rochfort 226pp., 26 maps, biblio., index. Good+. A readable, comprehensible, day by day story of the first campaign in which Bonaparte revealed himself a master.

NAPOLEON IN ITALY 1796-1797 $45 ADLOW, Elijah 1948 William J. Rochfort 226pp., 26 maps, biblio., index. Very Good with DJ in mylar cover. A readable, comprehensible, day by day story of the first campaign in which Bonaparte revealed himself a master.

NAPOLEON IN LOVE $13 DELDERFIELD, R.F. 1959, Little, Brown & Co.,304 pp., ill, biblio, Very Good. This witty, warm, and intimate work of biography describes the women in Napoleon's life, from the days of his youth as a needy young artillery lieutenant to his triumphant apogee as Emperor of France.

NAPOLEON IS DEAD IN RUSSIA $18 ARTOM, Guido 1970 Atheneum 256 pp., dj., Fine. This book examines the actions and ambitions of the diverse personalities concerned, the gradual development of the plot with its ironic turns of fate, and the mood of general hysteria which followed. The facts have been pieced together from documents, memoirs, records and historical works, resulting in a chronicle of high drama and intrigue. &

NAPOLEON MASTER OF EUROPE 1805-1807 $22 HORNE, Alistair 1979 Williams Morrow 232 pp., dj., Very Good. This book traces Napoleon's ascent to power, the formation of the Grande Armee and 1805, 1806 and 1807 campaigns.

NAPOLEON THE LAST CAMPAIGNS $25 LAWFORD, James 1979 Crown publishing NY 160 pp., ill (color), 8 1/2 x 12 1/2, maps, index, Near Fine. This large and well illustrated book includes: The Struggle for Germany 1813; The French Campaign 1814; The Hundred Days 1815.

NAPOLEON'S ARMY $65 ROGERS, Col H.C.B. Hippocrene Books 1974 192 pp., dj., 70 b&w, foot-noted, index, Near Fine. This is not a history of campaigns. It is a detailed analysis of the French Army by staff, arms, and services from Valmy to Waterloo. For the serious student of military history.

NAPOLEON'S CAMPAIGN IN POLAND 1806-1807 $40 PETRE, F. Loraine 1976 354 pp., maps & plans, dj (worn). Very Good except for dj. Reprint of a masterful account of this difficult winter campaign for the Grand Armee, fighting the Russians in the desperate & inconclusive battle of Eylau, to the climatic strugle at Friedland which saw Napoleon at the hight of his power. Books on this campaign are very scarce.

NAPOLEON'S FAMILY $10 SEWARD, Desmond 1986, Viking 216 pp., dj., ill., notes, biblio., index, family tree, Fine. No family in history ascended to the thrones of Europe as rapidly - or were stripped of their royal trappings with as much dispatch - as the Bonaparte clan. &

DELDERFIELD, R.F. 1966 242 pp., 1st ed., ill., dj., index. Fine. The story of the 26 legendary Marshals of France who sustained the weight of Napoleon's throne.

CHANDLER, David Simon & Schuster 1987, 7 1/4 x 10, dj, 560 pp., ill with maps. Fine. A work of massive scholarship on the careers and character of 26 of Napoleon's marshals.

NAPOLEON'S MARSHALS $40 CHANDLER, David Simon & Schuster 1987, As above - Very Good condition.

NAPOLEON'S PENINSULAR MARSHALS $35 HUMBLE, Richard 1974 Taplinger Pub Co 228pp., ill, maps, index, Very Good. Where they came from, how they rose to fame, how they ended up in the Peninsular theatre, and how they fared there is the subject of this story.

NAPOLEON'S RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN $19 DE SEGUR, Count Philippe Houghton Mifflin Co, dj., Index, Very Good - with mylar cover. This book has always been the one great source for scholars on the Emperor's Russian mishadventures. Segur, Napoleon's aide-de-camp in this campaign wrote his journals with such dedication that no responsible historian has since undertaken to write anything about Napoleon without first consulting Segur.

NAPOLEON'S RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN $8 DE SEGUR, Count Philippe Time Life, pb, Index, Fine. As above in paperback.

NAPOLEON'S WARS ILLUSTRATED $18 GLOVER, Michael 1978 Hippocrene NY 232 pp, 97 b&w ill, 7 maps, 12 color, 71/2 x 10, dj, biblio., index, Fine. Dust jacket frayed. In this book Michael Glover weaves together the four strands - military, naval, economic and diplomatic - which went to make up the greatest war that history has known.

The following 2 books are currently only being sold as a pair. $25 for the set.

NO PEACE WITH NAPOLEON CAULAINCOURT, General de 1936 William Morrow 286 pp., ex-lib, frontis, 5 ill, Index, Notes, Good-. Tape markings on spine and, 2" stain on front cover, spine ends frayed, contents solid and in good condition. These memoirs are the conclusion of the memiors of Caulaincourt. As Grand Ecuyer, Grand Marshal, and finally Minister of Foreign Affairs, Caulaincourt was a prominent player in Napoleon's inner circle. A rare book as the earlier volume WITH NAPOLEON ... was printed in much greater quantity. It can be found below.

WITH NAPOLEON IN RUSSIA CAULAINCOURT, General de 1935 William Morrow 422 pp., 5 ill, map, Index, Notes, Very Good. Spine faded. These memoirs are the findings of a professional soldier, statesman, administrator, diplomatist, and member of the old regime, sitting in judgement upon the foremost soldier of fortune the world has known. The rare follow up volume can be found above as NO PEACE ...

ANGLESEY, The Marquess of 1961 William Morrow NY 428 pp., dj, 2 Genealogical tables, 12 maps, 30+ ill, notes, Index, Good.+ The Life and Letters of Henry William Paget tells the tale of a man who was a living legend in his time. Born 20 years before the French Revolution he lived to the see the start of the Crimean War. As commander of the 7th Hussars for 45 years he was a major force in the battles against France during the Napoleonic Wars. &

REVOLUTIONARY CAREER OF MAXIMILIEN ROBESPIERRE $18 JORDAN, David P. 1985 Free Press NY 308 pp., dj, notes, biblio., index. As New. Jordan illuminates afresh not only the man but the revolution of which he was leader-and the nature of revolution itself.

SWORDS AROUND A THRONE Napoleon's Grand Armee $40 ELTING, J. 1989, 769 pp., dj., appendices, notes, biblio., index. Fine. In this outstanding (and massive) master work the author paints an exciting, detailed picture of the magnificent fighting force that swiftly conquered vast territories across Europe. Finished runner up for best Napoleonic book. 1 new copy remaining in NEW Book Catalog.

WAR OF THE TWO EMPERORS $15 CATE, Curtis 1985 Random House 487 pp., dj, ill, maps, Fine. In a day-by-day account, Cate depicts a disaster which never should have happened and which, almost until the end, could been prevented. &

WATERLOO $85 LACHOUQUE, Cmdt Henry 1975 Arms & Armour Press London, 202pp., 10 x 11, dj, ill (some color), maps, Very Good. With 51 color plates and over 300 monochrome illustrations this book by the author of ANATOMY OF GLORY is one of the most sought after books in the field.

WATERLOO $40 SEYMOUR, CHAMPAGNE & KAULBACH 1980 Knopf NY 239 pp., dj, 108 color and b&w ill., maps, notes, bibliography and index. Very Good. A unique approach to telling the tale of Waterloo using three authors of different nationalities, Anglo-Dutch, French and Prussian.

WATERLOO: DAY OF BATTLE $15 HOWARTH, David 1968 Atheneum NY 239 pp., dj., maps, ill, index. Near Fine condition except for frayed top of dj. One of the most admired accounts ever written on the Waterloo campaign. Paperback reprint in NEW book section.

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