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Please review this important note about the books in this catalog. The books listed here were purchased by me directly from the publishers or their distributors for sale in my book business as new books. I stopped purchasing books for resale years ago but still have some of the books in inventory. These books are listed below. In summary these books are being considered NEW because they have never been sold before and have no previous owner. They are not new if considered from the perspective of publication date. Most are out of print by now and doubly valuable as some of the last unsold copies of these books in existence. The condition of these books is that of a new book being purchased with the exception that in some few cases there may be a small amount of shelf wear or dust from sitting for years. Any other variance in a books condition will be noted in its description.

LEGEND: # = import, * = rare and hard to find, pp = pages, pb = paperback, rp = reprint, frp = facsimile reprint, gt = gilt top of pages, biblio = bibliography, ob = order of battle, chron = chronology, ill = b&w illustrations, lth = leather, dj = dust jacket, ex-lib = ex-library. Books that are paricularly small or large will have their dimensions listed.

ADVENTURES WITH THE CONNAUGHT RANGERS, 1809-1814 $50 #* Grattan, Williams 1989 340 pp., Greenhill Napoleonic Library series. William Grattan was a subaltern of the Connaught Rangers and saw action at almost all the great battles of the Peninsular War. After his service, he returned to his native Dublin and wrote regularly for the United Service Journal, as well as published an acclaimed vindication of the Connaught Rangers. Though this is a nw copy dating from 1989 it has some shelf wear to the jacket and a small amount of foxing to the exterior of the pages but none on the interior of the book.

AIDE-DE-CAMP OF NAPOLEON $85 #* De SEGUR, General, 1995 Worley Pub., frp (1895), 440 pp., frontis, 4 battle plans. This book covers his military career from 1800 when he joined the army to 1811. A dramatic personal record. I really enjoyed this read. His first hand experiences were enlightening.

ART OF WAR OF REVOLUTIONARY FRANCE $35 * (List $40) GRIFFITH, Paddy, 1998, 320pp., 41 ill., 32 maps & diagrams, 26 tables. Covering the period between the Fall of the Bastille and the Peace of Amiens, this authoritative work examines the French revolutionary armies of Austria, Prussia, Britain and Spain. Paddy Griffith demonstrates that French armies were the most powerful in the world even before the rise of Napoleon.

ASPERN & WAGRAM 1809 - MIGHTY CLASH OF EMPIRES $25 CASTLE, Ian., 1994, paperback., 96 pp., maps, ill, many in color, uniforms, chronology, bibliography. The 1809 campaign on the Danube was to break the spell of Napoleon's invincibility. OSPREY Campaigns #33.

ASSASSINATION AT ST. HELENA $15.95 (List $30) Weider & Forshufvud 1996 555 pp., biblio., index. Winner of the International Napoleonic Society's Golden Laurel Award as the most important book on Napoleonic research ever undertaken. An historical investigation par excellence. Temporary reduction!

AUGUSTE De COLBERT $25 * OJALA, Jeanne A. 1979 U. of Utah Press 199 pp., dj, biblio, index. Commander of the cavalry in Ney's illustrious VI Corps. Continuously in the vanguard of French advances and the rear guard of French retreats.

AUSTERLITZ 1805 - BATTLE OF THE 3 EMPERORS $25 CHANDLER, David G., 1990, paperback., 96 pp., maps, ill, many in color, uniforms, chronology, bibliography. Chandler describes the envelopment of Mack's army at Ulm, the maneuvers to Austerlitz and the brilliant counter-attack that resulted in the decisive victory. OSPREY Campaigns #2.

BLUNDERING TO GLORY: NAPOLEON'S MILITARY CAMPAIGNS $35 CONNELLY, Owen, 1999 revised edition, 254 pp., maps, index and biblio. Traces Napoleon's career from 1796 to 1815, demonstrating how often Napoleon was forced to scramble to victory. Still in origianl shrinkwrap.

pb., 176pp., photos, maps, diagrams. Smith used eyewitness accounts extensivly to emphesize the human factor in a massive struggle of the past.

BRITISH INFANTRY OF THE NAPOLEONIC WAR $15 HAYTHORNTHWAITE, Philip 1996 88 pp., rp., paperback., 24 color illus., 142 b&w illus. Pictoral study following Wellington's amazing rise from early obscurity, to lead his forces into history's most important victories.

BRITISH SIEGES OF THE PENINSULAR WAR $55 #* MYATT, Frederick, 1995, rp., 9 x 11, 200 pp., ill on every page. Glossary, bibliography and index included. A specialized study of the various sieges conducted by the British and their allies in the period 1811-1813. Excellent in every way.

BUSSACO $65 #* CHAMBERS, Lt Col G.L. 1994,
frp 1910, 260 pp, maps, ill. A detailed account of the battle that pitted Messina against Wellington. Hard to find.

$40 CLAUSEWITZ, General Carl, 1992, 288 pp., frp (1843), maps, Nap Lib #20. The Campaign of 1812 is a sharply critical study of one of the major turning points in history, and von Clausewitz has produced a superb first hand account with the detachment of an historian combined with the added authority of and eyewitness.

(LIST $35) FEATHERSTONE, Donald, 1995 351 pp., maps, photos, ill, tables. Each battle is described with the aid of expert historians and the accounts of actual participants. Many insights into war gaming these battles.

CAMPAIGNS IN POLAND - 1806 AND 1807 $50 #* WILSON, Sir Robert, 1995 276 pp., frp (1810), 7 Battle Plans, 1 map. A first account of the campaigns that included the devastating battle of Eylau and the French Victory at Friedland.

CAMPAIGNS OF 1805 $80 #* FURSE, G.A. 1995 Worley UK 416pp., frp (1905), maps, ill. Includes Ulm, Trafalgar and Austerlitz. This is a detailed account of the campaign that culminated in the battle that many consider to be Napoleon's greatest victory.

CAVALRY IN THE WATERLOO CAMPAIGN $75 #* WOOD, Sir Evelyn 1998, 203 pp., frp (1895), maps, plans, ill. Exploits of cavalry regiments and their leaders in the Waterloo Campaign.

DIARY OF A NAPOLEONIC FOOT SOLDIER $19.95 WALTER, Jakob, 1991, 170 pp., rp, ill. Walter's is the only known memoir by a conscript, and as such is a unique and fascinating document.

LAWRENCE, Sgt William, 1993, 168 pp., pb., maps, ill. Extremely hard to find. The memoirs of Sgt. Lawrence, a British grenadier of the 40th regiment and hero of the Peninsular and Waterloo campaigns.

DOUGLAS' TALE OF THE PENINSULA & WATERLOO $38 # MONICK, S. editor 1997 256 pp., 16 pages b&w photographs. This diary has now been published for the first time. Douglas, who served in the Royal Scots, provides a detailed account of the Peninsular War, Quatre Bras and Waterloo. Unique in detail, military insight and social perceptions.

DREAMS OF EMPIRE $40 FREGOSI, Paul 1990, 373 pp., frontis, ill, maps, biblio, index. In this engrossing work, Fregosi examines Napoleon's overall methods and aims while exploring Napoleon's global ambitions. Winner of the first Napoleonic Society's 'Literary Award'.

EAGLE'S LAST TRIUMPH,THE $40 UFINDELL, Andrew 1994, 240 pp., 16 pp ill, 20 maps, graphs, charts and diagrams. This is the single most comprehensive examination of the victory at Ligny in June of 1815.

$40 AUSTIN, Paul Britten 1995, 208 pp. Sequel to the above book. Eyewitness accounts embellish this gripping new account of Napoleon's stay in Moscow.

1812: THE GREAT RETREAT $50 AUSTIN, Paul Britten 1996, 464 pp., 24 pages of photos, maps. Final installment to the trilogy is again a product of first hand accounts.

1812: NAPOLEON'S RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN $28 RIEHN, Richard K. 1990, 525pp., maps. A Groundbreaking new study employs primary sources never before translated from the German and Russian. Though a new book this book has a small amount of foxing to the exterior of the pages.

1815: THE WATERLOO CAMPAIGN Wellington, His German Allies and the Battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras $50 Hofschroer, Peter 1998 432 pages - 16 pages of b/w photos and 36 maps. Here is a unique reassessment of the Hundred Days and a powerful analysis of the epic confrontation at Waterloo. The first of two volumes, this study is a thoroughly researched examination of the opening moves of the campaign from a new perspective based on evidence never before presented to an English-speaking audience, Hofschrber arrives at far-reaching conclusions about the controversial theory that the Duke of Wellington deceived his Prussian allies-and all subsequent historians of the campaign. By presenting events from the perspective of the Germans, the author undermines the traditional view of the campaign as one fought out by the French and the British and reveals the crucial role of troops from Prussia and the German states.

EMPEROR'S LAST ISLAND $15 BLACKBURN, Julia Pantheon NY 1991, 278 pp., 1st American Ed., dj., biblio. Marvelously eccentric and engaging. This sad story of Napoleon's last years is told with sympathy, brio, and wit.

EMPEROR'S LAST ISLAND $9 BLACKBURN, Julia 1991, 278 pp., pb., biblio. Marvelously eccentric and engaging. This sad story of Napoleon's last years is told with sympathy, brio, and wit.

FATAL KNOT, THE: The Guerrilla War in Navarre and the Defeat of Napoleon in Spain $45 * Tone, John Lawrence 1994 239pp., Disregarding the historiographic tradition associated with the guerillas of Navarre, John Lawrence Tone provides a much-needed social and economic analysis of the Spanish province. Tone's sophisticated approach and copious evidence give a clear picture of the motivations and influences of the Navarrese guerillas and the failures of the French from 1808-1813.

FIELDS OF FIRE $65 * FLETCHER, Ian 1994, 216 pp., 120 ill (40 in color). Lavishly produced, this books detailed narrative is augmented with period paintings, portraits, maps and photographs of the battle sites as they are today.

FOR KING AND COUNTRY $40 #* FLETCHER, Ian. 1997, 297 pp., index, biblio., appendix. This is the letters and diaries of John Mills, Coldstream Guards, 1811-1814. His letters span two hard years from the battle of Fuentes de Onoro and Salamanca to the harrowing retreat from Burgos.

FRENCH ARE COMING, THE $45 #* Lloyd, Peter A. 1991, 240 pp., maps, diag, ill. Peter Lloyd tells the story of the creation of this massive invasion machine and the effect on Great Britain.

FRENCH CAVALRY, THE 1792 - 1815 $35 # JOHNSON, David 1989, 190 pp., ill, Biblio., Orders of Battle. This is a history of the French Cavalry from the start of the Revolutionary Wars to the defeat of Napoleon. Drawing on many obscure sources and memoirs Johnson paints a vivid picture of the most colorful cavalry force in history. 3rd Best seller and one of my favorites!

FRENCH EXPEDITION TO EGYPT $55#* MIOT 1997 Miot served with the French Army in Egypt as Chief Commissary; present at hte Battle of the Pyramids and closely associated with General Murat in the Syrian Campaign, finally returning to France with General Desaix.

FRENCH REVOLUTION AND NAPOLEON $55* KIRCHBERGER, Joe H. 1989 ill., appendix. This volume attempts to make the French Revolution more immediately felt. A lengthy preface summarizes differing theories of the Revolution, and each subsequent chapter contains an overview of events, a chronology, and eyewitness testimony. The latter consists of excerpts from letters, memoirs, speeches, and other documents in order to show the full spectrum of reactions by contemporaries. This is a history of emotions rather than dry facts.

GUARDS OFFICER IN THE PENINSULA $29# ROUS, John 1992, 136 pp., ill. This is the Peninsula War letters of John Rous of the Coldstream Guards.

HUMAN VOICES FROM THE RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN $85#*CHUQUET, Arthur 1994, frp 1913, 5 x 8, 29 pp., appendix. Some of the most vivid first hand accounts assembled into a single volume. I have a second copy where the pages have curled due to moisture. That copy is $60.

IN HELL BEFORE DAYLIGHT $55* FLETCHER, Ian 1995 144 pp. ill. This is the history of the siege and storming of the Fortress of Badajoz, Spain 1812. Very good example of seige warfare during the Napoleonic era. The text is significantly enhanced by excerpts from the many different memoirs of the combatants. One of my personal favorites. SOLD OUT.

IN FLIGHT WITH THE EAGLE $50* Horricks, Raymond 1988, 261 pp. A detailed guide to the hundreds of people who surrounded the Emperor. Includes chapters on his family, loves, Marshals and near Marshals, La Garde, Administrators, staff, etc. About 1/2 to 4 page biographical sketches on hundreds of persons of the era. An excellent resource.

IN THE SERVICE OF THE KING $45 FLETCHER, Ian editor 1997 296pp., 16 B&W ill, maps, index. Serving with Wellington's army in the Peninsula campaign, William Thornton Keep fought at various battles including Vittoria and St. Pierre, where he was wounded by a musket ball that lodged in his neck. These previously unpublished letters provide many graphic accounts of battles and life in the Army.

IN THE SERVICE OF THE TSAR: THE MEMOIRS OF DENIS DAVIDOV $35 ED. TROUBETZKOY, Gregory 1999 208 pp, over 30 illustrations and 4 maps. Davidov was an officer of hussars, a partisan, a Russian hero and the inspiration of the character Denisov in Tolstoy's epic War and Peace. Here, for the very first time in English, are his captivating memoirs which, with dash and elan, convey the Russian perspective on this cataclysmic conflict.

JENA AUERSTADT: THE TRIUMPH OF THE EAGLE $30# HOURTOULLE, F.G. 1999 9 1/2 x 13, 144pp., heavily illustrated in color, french text. The First Empire was at its height during the Jena-Auerstadt campaign of 1806. The campaign was a classic of Napoleonic tactics, as Marshal Davout held one German army at bay while Napoleon concentrated his forces to defeat the other.

JOURNAL OF A CAVALRY OFFICER IN THE CORUNNA CAMPAIGN, A $75 #* GORDON, Cpt Alexander, 1990, 238 pp, frp (1913), frontis, 2 plans 1 map. The journal of Cpt. Gordon of the 15th Hussars. Awarded the Peninsular Medal with a clasp for Sahagun.

THE JOURNAL OF AN ARMY SURGEON IN THE PENINSULAR WAR $65 #* BOUTFLOWER, Charles 1997 SARPEDON ENGLAND 192pp. A look at Napoleonic warfare, 1810-13, through the eyes of a doctor. As an educated man not tied to the ranks, Boutflower's narrative abounds with incisive sometimes ascerbic-observations about the French, Spanish and Portuguese, and provides frank commentary on the ups and downs of the British as well. In 1813 he finally departs Lisbon for England with the comment, "Notwithstanding that it is certainly a handsome city, I dislike it more than any place I was ever in, and this altogether from the want of cleanliness of its inhabitants."

L'EPOPEE NAPOLEONIENNE (The Napoleonic Epic) $75 #* Hourtoulle, E.G. 1998 204pp., 77 color plates, French text. E. G. Hourtoulle's works on the Napoleonic Wars have long been regarded as some of the best-illustrated military books of all time. Uniform and figure collectors, wargamers, reenactors or Napoleonic enthusiasts who have seen the legendary Lasalle or any other Hourtoulle books will know the treat in store for them with the release of I'Epopee Napoleonienne. Hourtoulle's French text is supplemented by 77 magnificent color plates by renowned military artist J. Jirbal. Jirbal's plates feature battle scenes from all the campaigns of Napoleon. As with previous Hourtoulle books, the color plates heavily emphasize uniform detail. Covered in full are all the troops of Napoleon's army, with particular attention to non-standard uniforms worn by commanders, musicians, and soldiers on campaign. Additionally, the uniforms of many of Napoleon's opponents are covered, both commanders and individual units. L'Epopee Napoleonienne is a book that no serious collector, costumer or Napoleonic enthusiast can be without. Minor shelf wear during storage.

L'HISTOIRE DE NAPOLEON PAR LA PEINTURE $250 TULARD, Jean 1994, Belfond France, 10 x 14, in French, illustrated throughout. New out-of-print. History of Napoleon through art. New but out of print. Massive book, lavishly illustrated with colour and black & white reproductions of paintings related to Napoleon and his campaigns. For quantity and quality of illustrations the only book rivaling Proctor Jones' NAPOLEON: AN INTIMATE ACCOUNT.

LEAVES FROM THE DIARY OF AN OFFICER OF THE GUARDS $85 #* COWELL, John 1994 frp 1854 296 pages, LE 250 copies. A valuable and rare Peninsular War memior. Service with the Coldstream Guards.

$17 HOFSCHROER, Peter, 1993, paperback., 96 pp., maps, ill, many in color, uniforms, chron, bibliography. Leipzig, the greatest clash of arms before the First World War, was the truly decisive engagement of the Napoleonic Wars. OSPREY Campaigns #25.

$40 Blaze, Cpt Elzear 1995 208pp., frp 1850, ill. An outstanding picture of life in the First Empire as provided by an officer's perceptive view.

$75#* BRETT-JAMES, Anthony
1996 366pp., rp, ill. A fascinating, often entertaining account culled from a rich collection of memoirs, journals and letters.

$35 CHLAPOWSKI, Lt Col 1992, As a young Polish cavalry officer he served in the trenches of Danzig in 1807. He served as Aide de Camp for Napoleon in the Spanish Campaign of 1808 and the Danube campaign of 1809. As a Lt Col he served in both the 1812 and 1813 campaigns. This is a first time translation that should not be missed.

MEMOIRS OF COLONEL BUGEAUD $90#* Yonge, Charlotte 1999 183pp., frp. 1884, 7 maps & plans. Thomas R. Bugeaud (1784-1849), joined the French Army in 1805, and saw action in the Austerlitz Campaign and the battle of Pultusk. Transferred to the 116th line, he is present at the Siege of Saragossa and the Battle of Maria 1809, promoted to Chef de Battalion in 1811 he serves in A L'ARMEE D' Aragon with distinction, winning further promotion to colonel in 1814. During the 100 days he is with A L'ARMEE des Alpes, winning the combats of Moutiers and Conflans '"Hopital.

MEMOIRS OF GENERAL PEPE $55# PEPE, General 284pp., frp. 1864 General Pepe (1783 - 1855) entered military school in 1799 and was involved in the Neapolitan Insurrection at Ponte della Maddelena, and as a soldier in the Italian Legion in the Marengo Campaign. After some years in exile and captivity for his nationalist beliefs, he was promoted to Major under Massena, and as Colonel of the 8th Neapolitan Light Infantry (1811) under Suchet in Catalonia. He returned to Naples as General to command a Brigade in 1814 and again in the tragic 1815 Campaign under Murat.

MEMOIRS OF MARSHAL NEY, THE $285#* 1995 2 volumes, 408 & 430 pp, frp (1833), maps, appendix of historical documents. This reprint of the memoirs of one of Napoleon's most famost Marshals is almost as hard to find as the original 1883 edition. It is detailed and indepth through 1805.

MEMOIRS OF THE INVASION OF FRANCE $120#* FAIN, Baron 1991, 412 pp., frp (1834), folding map. An account of the 1814 campaign as seen from the French command headquarters, Baron Fain being Napoleon's secretary.

MEMOIRS OF THE LATE MAJOR GENERAL LE MARCHANT 1766-1812 $40 LE MARCHANT, Sir Denis, introduction by Nicholas Leadbetter; Foreword by David Chandler. 1997 364 pp., frp (1841), 12 color illus. A giant in British military history, Le Marchant was the man who founded Sandhurst and the Army Staff College, designed the British cavalry saber, and who died leading the heavy cavalry in the climactic charge at Salamanca. This work not only describes the general's battle experiences from the French Revolutionary Wars to the Peninsula, but provides an overview of the geopolitics of the Napoleonic era and the evolution of British military thinking.

MILITARY LIFE UNDER THE FIRST EMPIRE $29.50 BLAZE, Cpt Elzear 1995 216pp., rp. An excellent new translation by Col John Elting. Blaze was a master storyteller and wrote one of the finest memiors of the Napoleonic period.

NAPOLEON $50* KIRCHEISEN, F.M. 1972 761 pp, rp (1932) maps, ill., index. This is an English translation a highly regarded Napoleonic history. Mammoth in size and content.

NAPOLEON: HOW HE DID IT The Memoirs of Baron Fain, First Secretary of the Emperor's Cabinet $70* edited by Proctor Jones 1998 225 pages - 4 illustrations. This is the first complete English translation of Baron Fain's memoirs, which have been hailed as the finest existing record of Napoleon's organization. Fain worked intimately with Napoleon from 1806 to 1815 and describes in detail the emperor's work habits and the functioning of his imperial cabinet at the height of the empire. Besides making fascinating reading, this work is a valuable resource for both the academic researcher and the modern executive who seeks insight into the genius of an empire-builder.

NAPOLEON: An Intimate Account of the Years of Supremacy: 1800-1814 $95 JONES, Proctor Patterson 1992, 10 1/2 x 10 1/2, 448 pp., signed, 400+ ill (250 in color). A magnificent full-color treasury of Napoleonic art and artifacts, accompanied by intimate glimpses of the Emperor drawn from the memoirs of his two closest aides, Baron de Meneval and Constant. Perhaps the best illustrated book on Napoleon ever published in the US. The first printing of this edition sold out in 5 months!

NAPOLEON AND AUSTERLITZ $85 BOWDEN, Scott, 1997 560pp., 8 1/2 x 11, ill., maps. A remarkable work that goes far beyond a treatment of the 1805 campaign. All levels are covered in unequaled depth. Scott Bowden has drawn upon his many years of experience researching the Napoleonic era to produce a remarkable work that goes far beyond a treatment of the 1805 campaign. From the viewpoint of the English-speaking reader, Napoleon And Austerlitz is a compelling introduction to the entire Napoleonic era for the novice, while delivering unequaled depth of coverage for the enthusiast. Bowden covers the French, Russian and Austrian military organizations at a level of detail that is only possible for one who has gone beyond tile the usual English language sources. All levels are covered from the individual squad to the high command, with the tactics, equipment and unique character of each unit or branch fully described. The social innovations of the French army and their implications, often neglected in military books, are analyzed in full, along with the limitations of the highly stratified Russian forces and the unique challenges of the multi-ethnic troops of the Austrian Empire. The military operations of Napoleon and his opponents have usually been presented in a historical vacuum. Bowden makes clear the origins of Napoleon's regime in the French Revolution with uncommon insight, and shows how the 1 805 campaign was actually a colossal "grudge match" between opponents who had been engaged in hostilities since 1789. While giving detailed attention to the actual seat of war Bowden makes clear the European-wide character of the 1805 campaign, covering events from Sweden to Sicily and from the English Channel to the Russian frontier, underscoring the relevance of these events to the contemporary Situation in Europe.This is one of the better books on this subject. Well illustrated in a large format. I have a copy which while new it's dj has gotten a little dinged up. I have another copy for $75 which is mint and still original shrinkwrap.

NAPOLEON AND KING MURAT $95#* ESPITALIER, Albert. 1998, 510 pp., frp (1912), 16 ill. The second of Napoleon's Marshals and the most notorious cavalry leader of the era. In battle he was both optimistic and opportunistic, usually overdressed and totally without fear. This reprint should be a must for all followers of the Marshals.

NAPOLEON & JOSEPHINE $25 (List $30) BRUCE, Evangeline 1995, 555 pp., ill., biblio., index. This book brings both of these magnetic personalities to life, illuminating their public and private lifes with seductive detail.

$80* PETRE, F. Loraine 1994, 403 pp., frp (1914), maps index, NL #26. Napoleon's campaign against the might of the converging Allied forces in 1814 has been seen by some as the greatest effort of his military genius. Authoritative study of the later stages of Napoleon's brilliant generalship.

NAPOLEON AT LEIPZIG $100* NAFZIGER, George 1997 368pp., maps, ill. Leipzig was the biggest battle of the Napoleonic Wars and the centerpiece of a campaign that featured raids,k sieges, massed cavalry actions and other military challenges. The author's stirring narrative captures every aspect of this complex engagement, with special emphasis on the most dramatic and tactically significant incidents. With Russia, Prussia, Austria and even Sweden allied against Napoleon, Nafziger's exhaustive orders of battle also serve as a guide to all the armies of Europe of the time.

NAPOLEON BONAPARTE $20 SCHOM, Alan, 1997 885 pp., ill., notes, biblio., index. Authorative, mamoth life of Napoleon includes allfacets of his life and death in exile.

NAPOLEON ON NAPOLEON $25 Chair, Somerset de editor, George 1992 287 pp., chronology, ill., index, family tree. A classic of military and political autobiography.

NAPOLEON'S ARMY $110* Dempsey, Guy C. George 1997 256 pp., color uniform illustrations. One of the most colorful armies in the history of warfare was the French army under Napoleon. Every regiment had its own distinctive uniform, which made it recognizable from any part of the battlefield. As the army enjoyed considerable success and subsequent popularity, French publishing houses began creating and selling prints depicting the soldiers of each unit. One such house was that of Aaron Martinet, the son of an illustrator and engraver for the royal studio under the Bourbons. Initially producing high-quality, reasonably priced prints of Paris fashions and caricatures of famous actors, in 1807 he began his Troupes Francaises series. Gathered here are 162 full-color pictures, many never seen before, with an introductory text and extensive caption by Dempsey. As these prints were rendered from original water colors commissioned by Martinet during the period, they are an important primary source for the historian, modeler, and reenactor.

NAPOLEON'S GENERALS: Waterloo Campaign $115* Linck, Tony 1994, 352 pp., illustrations by Keith Rocco. In biographies of all the generals of division and higher ranking officers the author sheds light on the often ignored men who were largely responsible for implementing Napoleon's legendary style of warfare.

NAPOLEON'S GREAT ADVERSARY $45* ROTHENBERG, Gunther 1996, 288 pp., 16 ill. Title concludes 'Archduke Charles and the Austrian Army 1792-1814'. The largest force continually engaged against Napoleon throughout Europe carried the burden of the war on land, yet has been near neglected by historians. This highly readable, balanced and complete account of the Hapsburg army, drawn from a wide range of sources, does much to redress the balance.

$45* PETRE, F. Loraine 1992, 403 pp., frp (1912), maps including a large fold-out, index, NL #21. Authoritative study of the later stages of Napoleon's brilliant generalship.

NAPOLEON'S LAST VICTORY and the Emergence of Modern War $35 Epstein, Robert M 1994, 220 pp. his work is primarily an explicitly detailed yet readable account of the Franco-Austrian War of 1809, which is considered Napoleon's last successful major campaign. Against this background, a Napoleonic scholar Epstein advances the theme that this campaign was most notable in that it marked a major turning point in the evolution of warfare. For the first time, massive armies, bulked by large-scale conscription and formed into army corps, were able to operate independently under a broad strategic plan across multiple theaters of operation. With the armies thus facing off, "modern warfare" began to take form.

NAPOLEON'S MARSHALS $50 CHANDLER, David G editor 1987, 560 pp, b&w ill maps, index and Appendix included. This is undoubtedly the best effort by any author on a compendium of the Napoleonic marshalate. It is an excellent work edited and compiled by David Chandler, the author of The Campaigns of Napoleon and many other excellent works on the period.

NAPOLEON'S MILITARY MACHINE $50 HAYTHORNTHWAITE, Philip J. 1995, rp, 8 3/4 x 11, 200 pp, b&w ill throughout, 17 color. Bibliography, chronology, glossary, index and Appendix with Order of Battle's included. All aspects of Napoleon's military and naval forces are covered: their composition, appearance, weaponry, and capabilities, how they marched, fought and died to further the aims of the Emperor. Tactics are described and innovations are analysed, and within the context of these topics a review of the campaigns is given.

1996 144 pp., 150 b&w and color illustrations, biblio, Index. From Brassey's History of Uniforms series. The definitive guide to all the uniforms worn in Napoleon's the Duke of army from Austerlitz to Waterloo. Each regiment and unit is described and its uniforms and equipment detailed.

NAPOLEONIC SOURCEBOOK $55* HAYTHORNTHWAITE, Philip 1996 rp, paperback. This exhaustive compilation covers all aspects of the Napoleonic Wars. With a brief chronological account of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars to act as a quick reference, the remaining volume provides in sharp detail a survey of the basic capabilities and use of the weaponry of the era, a review of each state's participation in those ongoing conflicts, brief biographical notices of some of the leading military leaders, an update on the development of Napoleonic literature, a glossary of military terms, and a section devoted to miscellaneous facts and figures. As comprehensive a work .on this subject as you will find.

NAPOLEONIC UNIFORMS $350 ELTING /KNOTEL 1993 2 Volumes, 8 1/2 x 11, 864 pp., 914 full-color illustrations. NOP. This reference work combines authoritative text with colorful, one-of-a-kind artwork, accurately recreating the Napoleonic armies. The books include Command and Staff, Light Infantry, Hussars, Dragoons, Artillery, Navy, Foreign Troops, Imperial Guard, Special Units and more. Now out of print! Limited availability. The price of this set will continue to rise as they become scarce. Seen as high as $500. $10 shipping within the U.S. for these 2 mammoth volumes.

NAPOLEONIC WARS: WELLINGTON'S ARMY $30 FLETCHER, Ian 1996 143 pp., 150 b&w and color illustrations, biblio, Index. From Brassey's History of Uniforms series. The definitive guide to all the uniforms worn in the Duke of Wellington's army from the hard campaigning of the Peninsular to Waterloo. Each regiment and unit is described and its uniforms and equipment detailed.

NELSON'S NAVY $30 Davies, David 1997 208pp., 20 drawings, maps. Of all the causes of Napoleon's eventual downfall, none was of greater significane than British Royal Navy. An invaluable reference guide and an excellent narrative of Napoleonic Wars.

1996 316pp. Coignet's memoirs, regarded as among the best of the Napoleonic period, create an abiding impression of life in Napoleon's armies. An active soldier throughout the wars-he was there at Austerlitz, Jena, Madrid, Vienna, Moscow, Leipzig, and Waterloo-Coignet witnessed the major events of the era and set them down in a thoroughly readable and inspirational account that has withstood the test of time. He leaves a powerful yet modest record of his life and adventures and paints a vivid portrait not only of Napoleon but also of the soldiers who fought and died for him. His own lively sense of humor and remarkably detailed observations on human nature pervade the book and make for the captivating story of an individual surviving-sometimes just barely-the rise and fall of empires.

$85* Uffindell and Corum 1996 360pp., photos, 32 maps, diagrams and drawings. A unique portrait of Waterloo and an excellent battlefield guide. Vivid eyewitness testimony is used to describe events. Soldier's review said 'Waterloo brought to life with a new history and eyewitness accounts.'

$29 CHANDLER, 1994 270 pp., maps. These essays were written over a thirty year period and its subjects include; Napoleon's military achievements, the role of Wellington in the Peninsula, the Egyptian campaign of 1801 and much more. Winner of the 1994 Napoleonic Literary Award!

$28 SCHOM, Alan 1992 398pp., index. A riveting narrative of the events from Napoleon's retrurn from Elba through the battle of Waterloo, but above all it is a sparkling portrait gallery of the personalities who shaped those events.

$31.30* (List $33) ANGLESEY, Marquess of 1996 rp., 432 pp., ill. and photos. The Life & letters of Henry Paget KG, First Marquess of Anglesey is a 25th anniversary edition reprint. The Earl of Uxbridge led the British cavalry in several campaigns against Napoleon. He lost his leg at the battle of Waterloo.

$150#* Burghersh, Lord
1996 365pp., frp 1822, maps and battle plans. Being an account of his own recollections of the campaign in Saxony and France in 1813 and 1814 by Lord Burghersh who was present with the front line of troops at that time.

PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF A PRIVATE SOLDIER IN THE 42ND HIGHLANDERS FOR TWELVE YEARS 95#* Anonymous 1997 frp 1821, 264 pages, LE 250 copies. This rare memior covers the campaigns in the years 1808-1809, 1811-1814.

PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF ADVENTURES IN THE PENINSULA DURING THE WAR IN 1812-1813. $80#* BUCKHAM, E. 1997 frp 1827, LE 250 copies. By "An Officer Late -in the Staff Corps Regiment of Cavalry."

RANDOM SHOTS FROM A RIFLEMAN $50* KINCAID, John 1999 360pp. Kincaid's follow-up to his highly acclaimed "Adventures," first published in 1835. A collection of informative, highly amusing and entertaining anecdotes set against the background of the Peninsular War and Waterloo campaign.

RECOLLECTIONS OF MARSHAL MACDONALD $90#* MACDONALD, 1996 frp (1893). Originally, not intended for the light of day, Macdonald penned his recollections' in the simplest and most familiar style possible and dedicated them to his son. Subsequently, the manuscripts were published in 1892 by an ancestor, in the interest, and for the advantage of history.

RECOLLECTIONS OF THE PENINSULA $30 SHERER, Moyle 1996 272 pp. Written by an officer who fought at the battles of Busaco, Albuera, Arroyo do Molinos, Vittoria and at the Pyrenees. Sherer displays an eye for observation and the ability to recount not only events but emotions with uncommon clarity.

1996 160 pp. The book includes eyewitness accounts of some of the bloodiest battles of the Peninsular War, including Talavera, Albuera and Badajoz. Insights into the army include comments on executions, floggings and the treatment of wounded soldiers.

SOLDIER FOR NAPOLEON, A $25 HAUSMANN, Lt Franz - Ed Gill, John,2000, ill, maps, index, biblio. The letters and campaign diaries of Lt. Hausman are a unique primary source describing the life and duties of an officer in the Napoleonic Wars.

SPANISH ULCER, THE $90 GATES, David 1986, 557 pp., maps, chronology, ill., appendix, biblio. This book by a dependable historian updates the extensive literature on the subject and condenses it into a useful and readable volume. There is little in the way of interpretation beyond the traditional anti-Napoleonic bias of British writers, but Gates presents a solid nuts-and-bolts overview of a complex and particularly nasty war. He is deft at reducing the mass of names, battles, and dates into an enticing narrative, and numerous maps make it easy to follow each siege and skirmish.

SUBALTERN OFFICER: A NARRATIVE $65# WOOD, Cpt. George 1990, 248 pp., frp (1825), frontis, limited to 300 numbered copies. A delightful peninsular War memoir. Wood served as a junior officer, experiencing much hard campaigning. His memoir is enhanced by his lively sense of humor.

SWORDS AROUND A THRONE Napoleon's Grand Armee $60 ELTING, J. 1989, 769 pp., appendices, notes, biblio., index. In this outstanding (and massive) master work the author paints an exciting, detailed picture of the magnificent fighting force that swiftly conquered vast territories across Europe. Finished runner up for best Napoleonic book. 1 new copy remaining.

THREE NAPOLEONIC BATTLES $20 HOWARTH, David, 1983 pb, 235 pp., maps. While this is an older book, the perspective is quite clear and new. The author has decided to study three distinct Napoleonic battles in order to shed light on how the great Corsican waged war. The three battles in question are Friedland (1807, Aspern-Essling (1809) and of course Waterloo (1815).

TRUMPET OF GLORY, THE $50#* GRAY, Ernest A., 1985 128 pp., maps. While this is an older book, the perspective is quite clear and new. The author has decided to study three distinct Napoleonic battles in order to shed light on how the great Corsican waged war. The three battles in question are Friedland (1807, Aspern-Essling (1809) and of course Waterloo (1815).

WARS OF NAPOLEON, THE $25 U.S. Military Academy 1990, 8 1/2 x 11, 240 pp., paperback, with color atlas 10 1/4 x 14 80 pp. A study of Napoleon's military campaigns and their political consequences, "THE WARS OF NAPOLEON" takes the reader from the early years of Napoleon's career to the Emperor's defeat at Waterloo.

WATERLOO CAMPAIGN $21 (List $25) NOFI, Albert 1993, 352 pp., 50 ill, maps. This a thorough account of the campaign that led to the battle, detailing the events that took place after Napoleon returned from exile to the impact of his final defeat.

WATERLOO: The Hundred Days $21 Chandler, David 1998 224 pages, 100 b/w illustrations. A classic military history available for the first time in paperback Written by the world's preeminent expert on Napoleon. The Battle of Waterloo marked the end of the career of one of the most charismatic men of all time and signaled a crucial shift in the Europe@in balance of power. But the story of Napoleon's return from Elba and his dramatic seizure of power even if for a mere hundred days-is I great adventure story. Chandler's book, based on more than 20 years of' research, gives a blow-by-blow account of the battle, but also goes behind the scenes to analyze the military organization, the commanders, their tactics, strategies, and weapons.

WEAPONS & EQUIPMENT OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS $40 HAYTHORNTHWAITE, Philip 1996 Sterling, rp, 134pp, 150+ ill, charts, biblio., glossary, index. From the top-selling author on the subject, Philip Haythornthwaite, comes the ultimate authoritative work on the weapons and equipment of the Napoleonic wars. Excellent line drawings and illustrations of infantry and cavalry weapons and tactics, artillery and engineers, staff and supplies, uniforms and equipment, and living conditions are brought to life with startlingly vivid period reproductions. Unsurpassed as the basic illustrated guide, this is ideal for historians, modelers, wargamers, and re-enactors.

WELLINGTON'S REGIMENTS $50 FLETCHER, Ian 1997 9 x 11, rp, 188 pp, color and b&w ill, bibio. and index. An account of the British Army and of each of the actions that were later awarded battle honors. Included are the service records of every single infantry and cavalry regiment tat served under Wellington. Lavishly illustrated.

WITH EAGLES TO GLORY $70* WOLLOCOMBE (ed) 1992, 200 pp., frp (1926). Nap Lib #18. The Peninsula War journal of 2nd Captain William Webber, Royal Artillery. Describes the advance to Aranjuez, the retreat into Portugal, and the success of the 1813 campaign, with many vivid accounts of engagements with the enemy.

WITH THE GUNS IN THE PENINSULA $70* WOLLOCOMBE (ed) 1992, 200 pp., frp (1926). Nap Lib #18. The Peninsula War journal of 2nd Captain William Webber, Royal Artillery. Describes the advance to Aranjuez, the retreat into Portugal, and the success of the 1813 campaign, with many vivid accounts of engagements with the enemy.

$110#* Beatson, Major General 1993, 332 pp., frp (1914). This is the classic history of the Battle of the Pyrenees. Includes eye-witness reports. Dj shows some effects from storage but book is mint.

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