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CAMPAIGNS OF NAPOLEON $79.95. 1998, color, 55 min each, 3 cassettes slipcased. From the victory at Austerlitz to his final defeat at Waterloo, here is the story of one of history's most remarkable military leaders. Features reenactments, reconstructions, spectacular film footage, and analysis by foremost Napoleonic authority David Chandler.

NAPOLEON $42.95. 1927, 2 cassettes, SILENT. Lost footage has been restored in this film biography of Napoleon Bonaparte.

NAPOLEON $18. Starring Orson Welles, Maria Schell, /Yves Montand and Erich Von Stoheim.

WAR & PEACE $44.95. 1956, 2 cassettes. Audrey Hepburn and Henry Fonda. Tolstoy's literary masterpiece is realized brilliantly in this riveting drama about the lives and loves of several Russians during Napoleon's Invasion.

WAR & PEACE $119.95. 1968, color, 6 hrs 43 min, Russian with subtitles, 3 cassettes. This rare original version of the epic motion picture was filmed entirely in Russia and took more than five years of active production to complete.

WAR & PEACE $199.95. 1972, color, 12 hrs 31 min, 6 cassettes slipcased. The BBC's brilliant retelling of Tolstoy's masterpiece of human drama set during the Napoleonic Wars. Features Anthoney Hopkins.

WATERLOO $29. The 1970 epic by Dino De Laurentis starring Rod Steiger as Napoleon and Christopher Plummer as Wellington. ** Out of stock indefinitely **

THE DUELIST $29. 1977 classic starring Keith Carradine and Harvey Keitel in this dramatic film about two officers in Napoleon' army. Best Debut film at the 1977 Cannes Film Festival. ** Out of stock indefinitely **


This series features comment and analysis by David Chandler, dramatized reconstructions, stunning period imagery and the latest 3D computer graphics as well as excerpts from classic feature films. 55 min each.

1812 NAPOLEON'S ROAD TO MOSCOW $25 1996 This video draws heavily from the Oscar-winning Russian film "War and Peace".

BATTLE OF AUSTERLITZ $25 1996 Commentary by David Chandler enhances this detailed account of what many have claimed to be Napoleon's greatest victory.

BATTLE OF WATERLOO $25 1996 Borrowing video from "WATERLOO" this documentary brings to life the epic defeat of the Emperor Napoleon.

TRAFALGAR $25 1996 Using clips from 'I REMEMBER NELSON' and 'HMS DEFIANT' this video clearly shows the unique and horrific nature of naval warfare in the Napoleonic Wars.


Some very important notes on purchasing these games:

  1. All games are new and complete versions that were purchased by Empire Books for resale.
  2. While I have tried all of these games and found each of them enjoyable I understand that some customers may not feel likewise. If a game is returned because it does not meet some ones expectations it will be taken back but a substantial restocking fee will be imposed. A defective game can always be returned without penalty.
  3. As you may have read on this site at another location I am a computer consultant by trade. It is my experience that software regardless of its 'ease of use' will still manage to give someone somewhere a hard time. It is my suggestion that if this occurs with one of the games you purchase that you should call, write or email the manufacturer as they will be best able to assist you with your difficulties. Of course if you still feel compelled to request my expertise then my standard rate for consultation is $85/hr.

My apologies for offense given by the above policies but I have a very limited amount of time I can give to my Napoleonic business and supporting software could chew it all up. Rest assured that under most circumstances your experiences with these Napoleonic games will be a pleasurable one.


Take control of the Anglo-Allied, French or Prussian armies: command forces that shaped the future of Europe! This game is based on the Waterloo campaign and features a variety of historical and fictional scenarios around that campaign.

Game Features

System Requirements.

Processor: IBM PC Compatible 386 SX-16 Processor

Operating System: DOS 5.0

RAM Memory: 2MB

Sound: Ad Lib, Sound Blaster or Roland sound cards

Disk Drives: 1.44MB 3 1/2" floppy drive; 15MB free Hard Disk Space.

This is one of my favorite war games because of its continuous play feature. Rather than the standard my turn to move, fire, results, now your turn; this game has continuous action. Moving, firing, retreating, charges are all going on at once. As the commander you can give orders to your units but it is difficult to see everything that is going on across the entire battlefield. Sometimes your own units don't execute your orders and they are always taking the initiative to take action on their own. Trying to manage your army gives you a sense of how the best laid plans of a commander can go astray. And by the way, the visual graphics are great! Canon fire, cavalry charges, villages being demolished; it's worth the money if you like war games.

Here's a review by Empires Eagles & Lions

Summary: Fields of Glory (FOG) is a solitaire computer game set during the Waterloo Campaign. It has the virtues of being both visually pleasing and easy to play.

In this sophisticated computer game, the player assumes the role of commanding an army in one of six battles. There is no accommodation for two players. The game is played out on a simulated battlefield, with units positioned in their historical locations (there is an option for players to make their own initial troop dispositions). Several difficulty levels are available for the novice or for the more experienced player. On the battlefield map, a large, easy-to-see saber appears on the screen instead of a traditional arrow shaped pointer. Aiming the tip of the saber at a unit and clicking a mouse button accesses a menu of formation choices and deployment options.

The basic combat unit in FOG is the brigade. Orders can be given to the individual brigade, or for an entire Division or corps. Your subordinates at the Division and corps level will carry out your orders while you manage an engagement at another area on the field.

Since the brigade is the smallest game unit, all the troops on the screen are garbed in the uniform of a regiment representative of the entire brigade. In the larger battles where there are more troops involved, there will be at least one brigade wearing your favorite regiment's uniform.

Four historical and two fictional battles are represented. The two fictional battles take place at Nivelles and Wagne, respectively. The historical battles are: Quatre Bras, Ligny, Wavre, and Waterloo. This produces a good mix of French vs. Prussian and French vs. Allies choices. Beginning gamers can cut their teeth on the Nivelles battle, which can be easily played in an hour. The rest of the scenarios would best be played over several sessions.

An additional feature of FOG is a database which contains orders of battle and profiles of notable officers. It is in the database that the regiments making up each brigade are detailed, along with graphics of the uniforms. The database can be accessed while the game is playing.

The game package comes with four diskettes, a manual, a technical supplement, a map poster, and a page of troubleshooting tips. The troubleshooting tips give instructions on how to create a boot disk, which should be used as directed. You also need to have your mouse driver installed in DOS prior to playing FOG. I had some trouble, at first, running FOG because my mouse driver is tied into my Windows environment. Copying my mouse driver program onto the boot disk solved this problem. I found that the installation and start up could have been more user friendly. A beginning computer user may be put off by having to modify system files and creating a boot disk. I found it a minor annoyance to turn on the computer and remember that I'd forgotten to use the boot disk. I wasn't about to change my hard disk's system files to play FOG (the configuration for FOG was not compatible with Windows or my other programs).

FOG is very tactically oriented. Winning and losing appears to be determined by body count. Enemy casualties count for your score and friendly casualties count against your score. There is no consideration for keeping lines of communication open, except that villages count as bonus points at the end of the game.

FOG's greatest strength is that it looks like a miniatures war game, but with animated figures. The graphics at the more detailed map levels show an impressive amount of detail. Instead of military map symbols to represent each unit, brigades are represented by groups of men, horses, or artillery. Each unit is in proper uniform and equipment. Brigades form up into a good semblance of a column or line and skirmishing infantry spread out in the skirmishing line. Artillerymen limber and unlimber their guns and appear,to work around them as puffs of smoke erupt from the cannon barrels.

The scenery graphics in FOG are superb. The map is decorated with woods, villages, bridges, and streams. After the fighting has commenced casualties (including horses) permanently litter the field. This unusually detailed feature can be distracting at some of the more contested terrain features. Infantry units occupying buildings as defensive positions is more than symbolic. The massed formation disappears from the screen, to be replaced by the colors raised on the roof and musket muzzles projecting from building windows.

The sound effects are very good. Several song selections play during the initial menu screens. During the game, a number of bugle calls and drum rolls announce your troop deployments. The Battlefield sounds add an audio dimension absent from most serious computer war games.

Fields of Glory is definitely not a arcade style video game. The excellent graphics and sound effects, combined with war game like formations and orders, make this game a worthwhile purchase.

Reviewed by

J. D. Clancy


Moving back in time to 1815 , Battleground Waterloo allows you take part in the conflict which changed the face of Europe forever. The terrain is represented by a map drawn from actual historical sources and can be viewed either on a traditional 2D board or, thanks to the ground-breaking Battleview combat engine, in full colour, textured 3D at a variety of magnifications.

Historically accurate and geographically detailed, Battleground Waterloo features infinitely flexible gameplay allowing command at unit level down to 100 metres per hex using a huge range of unit types.

With highly sophisticated computer AI and a modem/serial link option, Battleground Waterloo is a challenge for even the most experienced war gamer but is so easy to use and control that beginners will find it a joy.

Game Features

Unmatched historical accuracy and atmosphere.

Vivid maps, combat video and battle audio.

Authentic uniforms and equipment.

Dynamic computer opposition.

Command part or all of the army.

Modem Vs. modem and serial link option for head-to-head play.

Combines clarity and subtlety: ideal for novice and expert alike.

Effortless navigation

Drag-and-drop movement, point and click interface.

Print-out facility for instant, detailed situation maps..

On-line indexed help.

System Requirements.

To play Battleground Waterloo you will need at least the following computer equipment:

Processor: IBM PC Compatible 386 DX-40 Processor (486 recommended)

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows 95

RAM Memory: 4MB (8MB recommended)

Graphics: 1MB SVGA

Disk Drives: Double speed CDROM drive; 5MB free Hard Disk Space.

Battleground 6: Napoleon In Russia $34.95


Napoleon In Russia returns the critically acclaimed Battleground Series to the epic majesty of the era of Napoleon and his greatest invasion! After a series of indecisive battles and steady retreating in front of the advancing French, the Russian Czar Alexanders' army, poised on the outskirts of Moscow itself, turned and faced Napoleon for one final desperate battle.

Napoleon In Russia re-creates this mammoth battle in the style and splendor as only TalonSoft can deliver. History comes alive as Marshal Katuzovs' Russian infantry doggedly defends the road to Moscow from onslaught after onslaught of Napoleons' massive Grand Armee! Cossacks abound admidst this momentous struggle, dubbed the Battle of Borodino, and featured in the huge Russian Film epic, Tolstoys War and Peace.

Special Features

Extremely Easy to Play, Difficult to Master

Variable Command Control - Command some or all of your army, ideal for novices!

Lavish, Full Color, historiclly accurate uniforms grace the screen

Choose from a wide variety of scenarios, including many "What Ifs...?"

Unprecedented Dynamic computer opponent

Special Indexed On-line Help gives answers to questions quickly

Internet Play, Modem-to-Modem, Null Modem, and Play-by-E-mail features allow you to play

head-to-head against your best friend, here or around the world!!!

Bullet Proof Install Program, easy to get up and running quickly

System Requirements

Windows 95 or Windows 3.1

100% PC compatible

486 DX/33 minimum

5 MB minumum hard drive space

Double speed CD-Rom required

8 MB minimum RAM

Microsoft Compatible Mouse

All Windows compatible sound cards

256 color SVGA, Supports 640x480 or 1024x768 screen resolutions



TalonSoft's award-winning Battleground SeriesTM returns to the Napoleonic Era with Battleground 8: Prelude To WaterlooTM which delivers the twin battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras in the days preceding the epic struggle at Waterloo! Can you lead Napoleon's French forces to victory at Ligny and Quatre Bras effectively splitting the Anglo-Allied Armies to continuE the conquest of his Empire, or help the British and Prussian armies defeat L'Empeurer and prevent his advance to Waterloo, effectively ending his tyranny of Europe!


Extremely easy to play, difficult to master!

Variable Command Control - Command some or all of your army, ideal for novices!

Lavish historically accurate uniforms grace the screen!

Choose from a variety of scenarios, including many "What if..." situations!

Plus new "Art of War" scenarios!

Multiplayer options include: Internet Play, Modem-to-Modem, Play-by-Email, Null Modem or two-player Hot Seat with Fog of War!

Import results into Battleground 3: WaterlooTM for an extended campaign game!!!

System Requirements

Windows 95 or Windows 3.1

100% PC compatible

486 DX/33 minimum

5 MB minumum hard drive space

Double speed CD-Rom required

8 MB minimum RAM

Microsoft Compatible Mouse

All Windows compatible sound cards

256 color SVGA, Supports 640x480 or 1024x768 screen resolutions

Apple Macintosh War Games

MUSKET FIRE series by Design Inc. $24.95ea

Musket Fire is a small but complete unit-by-unit recreation of Napoleonic battles. It's turn based and feels like a cross between Stratego and Close Combat. You move units according to move points per turn, and order them to fire or change formation (with a slick use of context-sensitive menus), until you've done all you can. Then it's your opponent's turn. A lot of historical research obviously went into this game, down to the terrain and names of battalion commanders. Although units are sometimes difficult to distinguish, the screen is never too confused for play. One problem: When your opponent (the computer or another human) is racing troops here and there, you can't scroll the screen, so you inevitably miss part of what's happening. But, as they say, that's war. -D. D. Turner

Hear the sound of musket fire as your infantry unleashes a deadly volley into enemy lines. Watch as your cavalry charges across the valley to smash the opposing forces. Sight your cannons as a wall of soldiers advances on your position. The first detailed Macintosh game for Napoleonics is here!

Features include:

System requirements:

The following scenarios are $24.95 each plus shipping and handling.

  1. Austerlitz
  2. Bordino
  3. Waterloo

Buy 1 Musket Fire game and get a second for $19.95 and a third for $15.

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