Napoleon said "Men of genius are meteors destined to be consumed in lighting up their century"

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I have been away from the business for awhile but am back now. The web page moving to its own domain has lost all my previous customers and the email link below was incorrect for 3 months. All is back in order now. So browse about and let me know what you need.

I used to have the largest selection of in print Napoleonic titles available anywhere on the planet. But now most of these books are now out of print. So that makes us a great location for hard to find books that are recently discontinued. Please keep in mind that these books are still in the NEW catalog as I deem them new because they were purchased directly from the publisher and have never been sold. They may sometimes show a small amount of wear from being on a shelf for a few years but they are otherwise new. We have a good selection of used and antiquarian books too. We also have prints. So take your time and stroll around.

Special thanks to all of you who continue to support Empire Books. I know you could find some of these books at that online book store; what was their name, I hope that most customers appreciate the individualized attention they get here. I will take the time to answer all questions and email. You could try that with those other guys but they don't know Napoleon from Wellington.

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Extensive work is completed in reviewing the books on these lists for accuracy, removing those that are sold and adding some that were previously not on the list. I have recently updated everything in all the book catalogs and am working on the other sections.

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A few brief notes on the following list. This has been here a while now and I thought I might mention that I put it here so that guests might get some ideas for books. Enthusiasts of the Napoleonic Era are mostly a studious lot who are deeply interested in one or more of the people, places or amazing events that transpired during a period of social and political upheaval. For many people this is a new or secondary interest. Hopefully for these people this list might be of help.

  1. NAPOLEON'S CAVALRY AND ITS' LEADERS by David Johnson - reprinted
    The David Johnson books are outstanding for anyone who has already read a lot or is just beginning. He writes about the French Cavalry and gives lively and highly detailed accounts of very specific events. The tales are all interesting and entertaining and include the observations of the men who were there. The events themselves are chosen more for the points they convey than their historical significance. This gives you a chance to read about skirmishes or lesser battles that had only managed passing mention in other books.
  2. SWORDS AROUND THE THRONE by Col John Elting
    Everyone loves this book. If you had ever met Mr Elting you would have loved him too.
  3. NAPOLEON'S MARSHALS edited by David Chandler - out of print
    A compilation of biographies for some very interesting characters. Though edited by the esteemed Mr Chandler the biographies are written by a troop of proven historians including; James Arnold, Paul Britten Austin, Colonel Elting, Michael Glover and David Chandler.
  4. THE FRENCH CAVALRY 1792-1815 by David Johnson
    Another book by Mr Johnson, similar and as good as the first.
  5. UNIFORMS OF WATERLOO by Michael Chappel
    A simple but useful uniform reference book.
    Hard to find subject about another important personality.
  7. MARSHAL NEY: THE BRAVEST OF THE BRAVE by A.H. Atteridge - out of print
    One of the periods most popular individuals.
  8. NAPOLEONIC UNIFORMS edited by Col John Elting - out of print
    Perhaps the best uniform reference book of its kind.
  9. MEMOIRS OF BARON DE MARBOT by De Marbot - out of print
    I believe the liveliest and most interesting of the French memoirs from the period. Nobody was at more significant military events than Marbot except Napoleon. For entertainment its great.
    This book is awesome. The book I would most give as a gift. It is beautifully made, has the most and the best illustrations of any book made in decades and the words of Napoleon's valet and secretary round out the package.

This area contains a link to letters from Napoleon that corresponds to this date 200 years ago. Let me know if you like this. His letters can be quite revealing.

Napoleonic History

The Seven Coalitions - The Alliances against France - back by request

Excerpts from the Front

Excerpts from the Front is selections from Napoleonic books. Take a look. They are usually fairly interesting.


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